Humble Grape Launches bespoke Dining Experience

Humble Grape, the wine bar and shop that directly imports handcrafted wine from small, sustainable, independent vineyards have launched a personalised dining experience at both their Fleet Street and Battersea locations. Designed with mates and dates in mind, Humble Grape can create a bespoke dinner for each and every customer.

Guests are able to create a truly unique experience, by pre-selecting wines, flowers and their meal. Whilst seated at a romantic table for two in the arched wine cellar at Fleet Street, they can choose from the dozens of wines that surround them, or are invited to opt for an intimate party (up to six guests) in the brand new outdoor atrium at Battersea.

For those who want to go one step further, the Humble Grape wine team will be able to organise a personalised wine tasting and vinotyping experience. By answering a few questions they will be able to accurately advise on the wines that guests will love. The personalised way to enjoy hidden-gem wine.


Founded in 2009 by James Dawson, Humble Grape specialises in handcrafted wines produced from small, independent vineyards. Humble Grape seeks out handcrafted wines that are largely biodynamic, organic or from sustainable vineyards. Working directly with winemakers and vineyard owners, Humble Grape are able to showcase some of the most unique and interesting wines from around the world, without the markups that are acquired when dealing with importers, agents and distributors.

In addition to the Battersea bar and shop, and online shop, Humble Grape runs a Wine Club using individual taste preferences to handpick a selection of wines. Each case of 12 bottles costs £150 (around £12.50 per bottle). Wines are also available to purchase online on an individual basis, or in store.

Humble Grape regularly hosts events from wine-maker dinners to large conference wine tastings, designed to bridge the gap between wine drinker and maker and to remove the pretension out of wine tasting.

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