The First UK Brewery to Launch 360° Cans

TLBF 360 Can Technology

The London Beer Factory has just launched their entire range of craft beer in the 360° can technology, a design that enables the drinker to completely removed the lid of the can, allowing for the full spectrum of flavours and aromas to leap out.

The unique ring pull design is easily pulled away from the curved lip, instantly turning the can into a cup, perfect for those who are after beer on the go. Scientific research has proven the human tongue is able to detect only five taste sensations: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami; as the Society for Neuroscience states the “interactions between the senses of taste and smell enhance our perceptions”. Playing with the senses, the can allows or both taste and smell to interact, highlighting the character within the beer.

Founded by brothers Ed and Sim Cotton in 2014, the London Beer Factory creates a range of craft beer, using an array of the highest quality hops and malts from around the world. The range, which includes favourites such as Beyond the Pale, Sayers Stout, London Bohemia (pilsner), Chelsea Blonde and Paxton IPA are unfiltered and unpasturised with distinctive qualities and aromas, each brew is brimming with personality.

Sim comments:
I came across the 360 can for the first time in the states last year and it blew me away! I couldn’t believe that we didn’t have them in the UK so that became my mission. The ring pull design enables the whole of the top of the can to be taken off, essentially turning it into a glass. At The London Beer Factory we pride ourselves on making beer with character, that’s packed full of flavour and aroma, drinking out of a 360 means you get the best drinking experience. Cans are not only better environmentally as they are 100% recyclable but they keep the beer fresher and full of flavor.

The experimental pilot range will also be available in 360° cans, as each month The London Beer Factory introduce a unique brew. This summer they launched the Strawberry & Cream Ale, an American style larger using hops from world famous Yakima Valley region in Washington state, made with buckets of fresh British Strawberries. Every weekend the brewery welcomes guests to come down and try their pioneering selection of craft beers at the brewery tap room, guests are able to purchase the cans at the brewery or online via The London Beer Factory website:

The 360° cans are illustrated by Philip Harris, a Devon based artist who Ed and Sim met when he was giving a masterclass on surfboard illustration at the Newquay Surf Festival. Using the character of the beer as inspiration, Harris has already created an impressive body of artwork seen on the brewery’s bottles as well as The London Beer Factory Taxi, providing beer on tap for Londoners around town.

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