Limited Edition Night Tube Menu at Cahoots

Anne Shelton


Hop Aboard the Night Tube at Cahoots

What ho! Spiffing news: The highly anticipated Night Tube is officially launching in London on Friday, 19th of August and Soho’s underground sensation Cahoots is hosting an evening of rip-roaring celebrations that will have guests swing dancing ‘til dawn. Guests will be fully immersed in an evening of high spirits, scoundrels and swing and can look forward to black market cocktails, spiffing live entertainment and sing along ‘round the old piano til the sun comes up.

The scoundrels of Cahoots will be serving up a limited edition Night Tube cocktail menu, that pays homage to the London Underground, for guests to sip on including: The Central Wine, a decadent tipple made with Hennessy VS Cognac, white chocolate liqueur, mulled wine, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, black currant, pineapple and fresh lime; Green(Adine) Park, a cocktail that’ll have you up past your usual bedtime made with Red Bull Tropical, Cahoots homemade Grenadine, strawberries, raspberries, black currants and lime; Engine Fuel, a punchy libation made with pineapple, lime leaves, Velvet Falernum liqueur, Creme de Bananae, cinnamon, cassia, star anise and coriander; and finally, the Golden Dawn, the ideal drink to sip as the sunrises above the Big Smoke, made with Hendrick’s gin, Calvados brandy, apricot brandy, Cahoots homemade Grenadine and fresh orange juice.

The wildest cats in town, Gypsy Dynamite, will be taking the stage at 11pm and will perform their best Gypsy Swing tunes from the 1940s. Ladies and gentleman can grab a swing card and dance the evening away whilst the ticket inspector is on hand to fling another record on the gramophone!

Cahoots’ sartorial staff will be dressed up in authentic bespoke 1940s uniforms and by orders of the Captain, get your gladrags on, get dolled up and follow suit. After all, it is finally the launch of the Night Tube!

Cahoots Presents the Night Tube
Friday, 19th August 2016
4pm – 3am | bookings:

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