Introducing the Humble Grape Wine Club


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Humble Grape has launched a truly bespoke Wine Club service, matching wines to their customer’s palates and bringing them direct from small-lot vineyards direct to their customer’s door.
This UK-wide ‘vineyard to door’ service is a truly tailored experience. Humble Grape founder James Dawson has partnered with Master of Wine Tim Hanni, to offer a brief questionnaire to determine the ‘Vinotype’ of their customers.

Based on over 25 years of research conducted into the neurology of why we like the wines we like, the algorithm immediately determines where on the spectrum of taste preferences the customer falls and categorises them into one of the following four sensory types: sweet, hypersensitive, sensitive or tolerant.

From their portfolio of over 300 directly-imported artisan wines, Humble Grape then handpick a selection specific to the customer’s Vinotype. Customers are able to swap wines out, select to receive a different collection each time, or keep the selection exactly the same, which can be altered at any time during the membership. The frequency is tailored to their needs too, whether this is once a month or every six months.

Humble Grape champions independent, family-run vineyards that produce hand-crafted wines with a story – an element that is as significant to the Humble Grape ethos as the wine itself. The direct relationship with the winemakers not only allows customers access to craft wines that would have otherwise been unavailable, but also cuts out agents, importers and distributors, giving customers great quality wines without a hefty price-tag.

Along with their case of wine, club members receive Humble Grape’s fresh perspective on tasting notes, discovering the stories behind the wine, exploring what makes each wine special; ex-geologist Rose Jordaan produces the Bartinney Sauvignon Blanc, 2015, Stellenbosch, South Africa up a mountain on her family farm. An avid environmentalist, Rose has planted over 7,000 trees and invite all sorts of wildlife, with animals such as the honey badger roaming free.
The Winzer Schup Rotgipfler, 2005, Thermen region is an Austrian sweet wine created by the Schup family, who have been in the business for over 300 years. It is the warm Mediterranean air which meets the Eastern European steppe up the Eichkogel mountain that helps produce this golden wine, with notes of okra, rose and apricots.

Wine club members also receive many additional benefits such as priority invitations to wine-maker dinners, first tasting of new imports, free vineyard tours at any of our vineyards and 10% off all further purchases.

One reply to “Introducing the Humble Grape Wine Club

  1. I love this idea! Bespoke dining and wine is taking off, and it makes so much sense. If you’re going to spend money on food and/or wine, why not have it be exactly what you like? We live in Napa Valley – a few companies are trying this here as well. You may like our wine country blog at Follow us if you like what you see.


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