PANZO opens its doors in Exmouth Market this winter

PANZO restaurant opens in Exmouth Market

PANZO is a contemporary pizza restaurant taking an innovative approach to traditional Neapolitan pizza. Opening its doors in Exmouth Market this winter, PANZO is the brainchild of Anna Skigin and Eccellenze Campane, the agricultural centre in Naples.

The focus is on quality ingredients and interesting flavour combinations, offering a healthier alternative without compromising on taste. The menu and specials board will be determined according to produce naturally available during the season. The dough created at PANZO is a combination of soy, rice, wheat and a touch of sourdough. Prepared and fermented for up to 48 hours, the base is twice baked ‘lievito madre’, making for an easier to digest, lighter and crispier dough, containing much less gluten and less calories found in regular sourdough pizza.

The rice in the flour allows for the pizza to be topped with various ingredients such as pumpkin base, aubergine, courgette, onion confit; ventricina, nduja, mozzarella, fresh chilli and wild mushrooms, goats cheese, gorgonzola, mozzarella and truffle. Alongside the pizza menu, small plates, seasonal salads and hand-made desserts will also feature. Focusing on the ingredients themselves, the plates are centred around quality produce in its natural form, dishes such as the Burrata, a speciality hand-made cheese from the region of Puglia, made with cow milk and filled with fresh cream and more shreds mozzarella, this cheese has to be stored at 4-6°C and consumed within days of making. With drinks on tap, from echo friendly key kegs, serving red, white and frizzante wine as well as craft beer from Fourpure Brewing Co. and unlimited still and sparkling water.

Anna comments:
“We wanted to create something different with PANZO; the entire process from the recipe for the dough, to the fermentation to the kneading and the ingredients placed on top has been thought about in detail. We spent considerable time combining flavours and ingredients for PANZOs that taste as good as they look. At PANZO we use less flour of regular pizzas and a lot more toppings, every ingredient has been sourced because we believe it is of the best quality, and we spend a lot of time experimenting with ingredients and flavour. Above all, this is about creating a space where people want to eat, be and come together”

The interior draws inspiration from Scandinavia and Italy, with an open pizza kitchen, the glass façade allows for passers-by to watch chefs kneading, topping and baking at the rose gold pizza oven. Elegant, warm and eclectic, PANZO makes use of rose gold, copper, wood, and leather. As guests walk into the 50-cover restaurant, the Italian marble top counter will take centre stage, with blue and white hand painted tiles and hanging contemporary lighting throughout. The soft pink dappled walls are decorated with hanging green terrariums and tables and chairs are a mixture of copper, wood and concrete banquettes scattered with oversized earth green leather cushions.

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