Arcadia 85 Tropical edition delivered in Dominican Republic

ARCADIA YACHTS – the innovative and unique “eco-friendly” Italian shipyard – has the pleasure to announce the successful delivery of ARCADIA 85 in its TROPICAL edition at Casa de Campo – Dominican Republic. This is the very first ARCADIA yacht to arrive in one of the most exclusive Caribbean yacht location – thanks to the largest and established Dominican Republic brokerage group. The layout and the functional living concepts of ARCADIA 85 are the result of a construction evolution: the linear design of the superstructure and the vertical line of the bow allow a better use of every single available internal and external space. Living capacity is wider than other yachts of the same “nominal” length. The uniqueness of ARCADIA’s project is finding in the design solution to integrate solar panels into a yacht with navigation performance.Yard’s passion for solar technology and clean mobility is finally expressed in this 25,9m length and 7,15m width yacht equipped with approx 40sqm of photovoltaic panels each composed of hundreds of high performance solar cells. The electricity produced through these panels has a maximum power of approx 4kw. That’s how and where any ARCADIA yacht get alternative energy for equipment on board such as refrigerators, ice makers, audio-video system, satellite TV antenna, etc. and switch-off the power generators wihile at anchor in a bay during the daylight.


The design of ARCADIA 85 reflects simple and understated styling with an harmonious blend between the indoor and outdoor areas. Her deckhouse has been made almost entirely out of double layered reflecting glass, giving the interior a bright and airy feel. The sliding over-head and lateral blinds can provide privacy and shade, as required by the owner and his guests once in port or in bay. ARCADIA 85 impressive external aft-deck lounge of approx 47sqm features a well protected cockpit, perfect for dining, as well as large sunbathing area towards the stern of the yacht.

ARCADIA 85 is a semi-planing yacht. Its particular hull (NPL) is named after the National Physical Laboratory of England where tests were conducted to determine the best shape hull and the best ratio length-beam in terms of hydrodynamic efficiency. Studies and tests were implemented by ARCADIA’s technical department as well as hull shape – prior to adopt the NPL as ARCADIA’s Hulls with the result of excellent sea keeping qualities and noise reduction for an exceptional comfort while cruising or at anchor.
The advancedsemi-planing hull which allows efficient performances together with the very light superstructure in stainless steel significantly reduces weight and fuel consumption and related running costs of its (relatively to her volumes) low-power engines.

The 25,9 metre ARCADIA 85 has a full load displacement of 67 tons. She is powered by twin MAN diesels R6-730hp each, giving her the maximum speed of 18 knots and she can comfortably cruise at the speed of 16.5 knots, as well as 12.0 knots. Her range is approx 950NM @12.0 knots.

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