Hermès Collection

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Women’s bag

Name – Constance III
Description – CONSTANCE III bag in ON A SUMMER DAY printed Swift calfskin.
This version of the Constance bag celebrates summer in colour: the vibrant and luminous hues of Nigel Peake’s On a Summer Day design are printed on dazzling white leather. A summer stroll through the city.

Men’s bag
Name – Cityslide Messenger Bag
Description – CITYSLIDE MESSENGER bag in Cristobal bullcalf and Hunter cowhide.
This besace has more than one trick up its sleeve: a notch system allows the dimensions to be adjusted to the contents; the buckle closure is secure, quick and easy; and the strap is adjustable. The wide contrasting strap in twill H gives it a sporty and masculine look.

Men’s shoe (sandal)
Name – Odyssee
Description – Sandal in technical canvas and calfskin.
This sandal has a sporty allure, combining a thick rubber sole and leather straps with technical canvas trim. The leather insole has a moulded footprint to provide added comfort.

Men’s shoe (sneaker)
Name – Miles
Description –  This sneaker’s sporty character is reflected in its svelte lines and supple lightweight materials. (Colour is Soufre  – Hermes’ colour for of 2017)

Name – Brides de gala love
Description – BRIDES DE GALA LOVE scarf 90 in silk twill
BRIDES DE GALA is back. Sprinkled with a shower of orange and blue hearts, this lovely scarf comes in a heart-shaped orange box. Design Hugo Grygkar

Women’s shoe
Name – Ode
Description – Sandal in suede goatskin
When slipped into this sandal, featuring a new chunky square heel, the foot is adorned in a labyrinth of H-cut straps in zesty colours.

Name – Charniere in Cheval Surprise print
Desription – Bracelets in CHEVAL SURPRISE printed enamel
A new addition to the family of hinge bracelets, this seemingly abstract motif created by Dimitri Rybaltchenko is actually not so abstract. Look closer and you will see it is an extract from the CHEVAL SURPRISE design.

Name – Chaîne D’ancre Punk
Description – Attached to a safety pin, the Chaîne d’ancre link takes on a new look. This symbol of punk-rock style serves as the clasp for several of the pieces. For others, the famous link joins forces with a round cable chain that can be worn in many different ways, both playful and unexpected. Designed by Pierre Hardy.

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