Thailand Comes to Belgravia for a Night of Thai New Year Celebrations

Thailand Comes to Belgravia for a Night of Thai New Year Celebrations
Authentic Thai food, live acts and celebrations


This April, Mango Tree are celebrating the traditional festival of Songkran, Thai New Year. Their acclaimed chefs have put together a menu celebrating traditional Thai dishes that will transport guests from the streets of Belgravia to the shores of Thailand as they marvel at traditional Thai performances.

In true New Years fashion Mango Tree will be decorated with the abundantly colourful Thai culture getting guests in the mood to celebrate as soon as they step through the door. Traditional Thai drummers will rhythmically guide guests through this astrological passage of Songkran, as the main dramatic art form of Thailand is performed by authentic Thai dancers. As the night goes on a DJ will take to the decks carrying revellers through till late.

On the night, guests will sit down to a contemporary gastronomic journey through Thailand, starting with, Pla mouk yang, an authentic Thai street food dish of flame grilled tender squid served with spicy lime sauce; Geaw kai tod, deep fried quail eggs wrapped in wonton pastry accompanied with Thai sweet chilli sauce; Pla goong, Thai spicy salad with steam prawn, lime leaves, lemongrass, mint, shallot with chilli lime dressing. Followed by traditional Thai main dishes, Kanom jeen nam ya, an authentic Thai fish curry with coconut milk, lime leaves and fish balls served with thin Thai rice noodles; Seua rong hai, grilled slices of tender sirloin beef marinated in Thai herbs accompanied with north-eastern style spicy sauce and Gai baan tod katiem, a traditional Thai stir fried of corn-fed chicken with crushed garlic, groundpepper, oyster sauce with a light sprinkle of coriander.

For guests looking to celebrate Thai New Year in the heart of Belgravia, look no further, Mango Tree is the only place to be.


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