Tooting Pop Ups arrives with street food vendors, local breweries and Live Music

From the founders of Skeleton Entertainment, brothers Al and Nick Heathcote who brought London La Cabina, Imperial Durbar and the recently opened, The Hill Station will be launching their latest venture Tooting Pop this spring. The multi-dimensional venue will house street food, local craft beer & liquors, live music sessions, DJ sets, cinema afternoons and sports screenings amongst other entertainment. Weekends in Tooting never looked so good with the arrival of Tooting Pop, kicking off with a weekend brunch filled with food, drink and great tunes, before moving into mellow Cinema Sundays, with marathon film sessions.


Two street food pop-ups will take residency at any given time for around 4-6 months. First up cheesy Alpine street food legends, the Raclette Brothers who take traditional French dishes and give them a modern twist using wheels of raclette cheese grilled until bubbling with a golden crust and scraped onto other ingredients. On the menu dishes such as Traditional Raclette – garlic and rosemary potatoes topped with melted raclette cheese served with cornichons, silverskins and maple bacon crumb and Beef Bourguignon Bun – demi-brioche bun loaded with slow cooked beef Bourguignon, raclette cheese, pickled cucumber, red chilli and bearnaise sauce. If tacos are more your thing, Every Juan Loves Tacos, The little brother of Benito’s Hat, will be serving up Mexico’s favourite street food, with plates including Prime Beef Brisket – pico de gallo, shredded cabbage and tangy salsa verde and Balsamic Pork – lime-marinated red onions, tomato and pineapple & habanero salsa. For those with a sweet tooth, try the Los Churros or the Deep Fried Tequila Shots, if you are feeling adventurous.

Sams Bar boasts 18 lines of draft craft beer and additional bottled crafts. With a focus on supporting local London breweries and staying true to the pop-up foundations, they will be swapping over every few months. They are kicking off with a South and Local theme, serving beers from By The Horns, Belleville and Gipsy Hill breweries. Liquors and a well created cocktail menu will also feature, cocktails will be changing along with everything else every few months. The menu is going to be 80’s themed to start things, including classics like Pina Colada, Alabama Slammer, B52 and sex on the beach.

(live music was incredibly popular and so we are keen to make a big thing of this) Thursdays will be music night where live bands will play the night away. At the weekend, it’s all about the Tooting Pop Brunch, a two day long feast. Saturday begins with the Pop Brunch (11am-4pm) with special dishes being created such as cheesy breakfast hash with fried potato, sliced Toulouse sausage, bacon, wild mushroom and homemade beans with raclette cheese, steins of the bars own POP Pilsner and brunch cocktails from Sam’s Bar. With constantly changing incentives to party at pop, Tooting Pop will be introducing limited edition options every weekend starting off with their brunch’s Grey Goose Espresso Martinis. Saturday nights will turn into full blown festivities with themed nights and gastro bites. As the day of rest arrives, Tooting Pop will be rolling down the blinds and hosting film marathons with the best hangover cures from the stalls and bar on Sundays.

Whether guests are looking for Thursday night live acoustic sessions, a weekend brunch party or just a bite and a pint, Tooting Pop is set to become a continuously evolving hub for food, music and movie lovers.

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