NY by Novita Yunus Bumi – Langit Amazon India Fashion Week 201


NY by Novita Yunus is a premium brand of Batik Chic created under the framework of 2013 Indonesia Fashion Forward program of Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. “Hat Geometry” (2014) and “Ocean” (2016) were launched in Jakarta Fashion Week Novita Yunus actively promoting traditional Indonesian materials or Wastra Nusantara through Batik Chic since 2009 and participating in various national and international events. She also received many achievements and awards, such as UNESCO Award in Excellent Handicraft for Exploring “Ulap Doyo Slippers” (made from Ulap Doyo or Orchid Natural Fiber from Borneo’s forest), EY Entrepreneur Winning Women, one of the winner, of Australia Award 2016 in Fashion and Textile Readiness, and the latest is one of the fourteen Women of Influence from Galleries. Lafayette 2016. The Bumi Langit (Earth and Sky) Autumn/Winter 2017 collection by NY is prepared for the Amazon India Fashion Week 2017 to be held in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi. The collection is inspired by the idea of balancing the color palettes of the autumn leaves and the cold winter sky. Bumi is represented by the falling leaves and Langit is symbolized by the Surya Majapahit (The Sun of the Kingdom of Majapahit). It is taken the form of a cosmological diagram haloed by typical “Surya Majapahit” sun rays, as esign of wisdom, hope, and glory.

The collection is using various materials and techniques, such as eco-print process, Batik Remekan, Garut Handwoven, and embroidered clothes. Eco-print is a method by taking the color and pattern of leaves on different kind of textiles, e.g. silk, rayon, organic cotton, and natural fiber. Next is Batik Remekan, an authentic method from West Java, the wax or `malatre is fully spread all over the textiles, then squeezed and cracked them before they’re colored. Last, there is Garut Handwoven, a traditional textiles made from silk with geometry shapes. The earth and sky colors are expressed in varieties of kaftans, palazzos, traditional embroidered kebayas and other fashion items. Combining ochre, dark chocolate, light brown, olive gteen for earth tone with dark Mut and-silverfor sky shade. The matching accessories consist of: clutches, fringed tote bags, Surya Majapahit inspired gold plated necklaces, brooches and buckled belts Kalimantan rattan sandals complete the look.

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