Pygmy Hippo Petting Zoo comes to Central London

Waterloo is getting its very own petting zoo housing pygmy hippos. The Duke of Sussex, one of Hippo Inns ventures, is turning its outdoor terrace into a petting zoo for the summer. Any traveler with time to spare before their train can walk up the road and hang out with some mini hippos whilst wallowing in the sunshine on the Duke of Sussex terrace, making their wait a lot more enjoyable.


The pygmy hippopotamus is a rare, small hippopotamid which is native to West Africas forests and swamps, primarily in Liberia with small populations in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast. The Duke of Sussex are going to be one of a small handful of places that house them in the UK. For two months this summer, May and June, the Duke of Sussex`s front terrace is going to become home to two pygmy hippos named Henry and Henrietta. Hippo Inns are going to build a plush enclosure for them complete with a pond so they can spend their days basking in the muddy water and sunshine.

For guests who are a little scared to pet the actual hippos, the Duke of Sussex will have lots of Hungry Hippo`s games on hand to be played through the months meaning everyone can get in on the hippo action. The Duke of Sussex will be swapping out regular bacon for hippo bacon in their signature cheese burger, and will also be having a hippopotamus dedicated weekly pub quiz.

Walking distance from The London Eye, the Duke of Sussex should be on everyone’s list of places to visit this summer, whether you are a tourist or not. London has gone hippopota-mad for pygmy hippopotamus.


Embargoed until 1st April

The Duke of Sussex | 23 Baylis Road | London | SE1 7AY | | 0203 637 6121

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