Launch of Forest & Wildlife film

`The Story of All of Us’

 On the occasion of International Day of Forests, Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) and Social Access Communications launch a short Forests and Wildlife conservation film titled, “The Story of All of Us,” for which the glamorous Sushmita Sen lends her voice.

 The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The age-old adage falls true to its words when realizing that the need of the hour is to conserve our environment. On March 21, 2017, Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) in collaboration with Social Access Communications released a short film titled, “The Story of All of Us,” on the occasion of International Day of Forests, to remind humanity about the importance of forests around them. Miss Universe, Actor Sushmita Sen lends her voice for the film `The Story of All of Us,’ which reiterates that Forests and Wildlife protection and conservation are an intrinsic value of human existence and survival.

 To mark the occasion of International Day of Forests, President, Wildlife Conservation Trust, Dr Anish Andheria said, “We at the Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) celebrate the ‘International Day of Forests’ by proudly launching this mesmerizing short film that highlights our eternal relationship with the forest and its denizens. Countless other species, who we may not even know, display the same emotions as us. Voiced by Sushmita Sen, the film urges you to look inside your heart to unravel the umbilical cord that connects you with Mother Nature. As this revelation will compel you to respect and safeguard our natural ecosystems, the very foundation of life on Earth.”

A Forest and Wildlife enthusiast at heart and in deed, Sushmita Sen makes a powerful appeal to conserve Nature, urging humanity to “Go back to the Source.” In a video bite Ms Sen shares, “Everything about us comes from One Source – Nature. In all its glory, that’s our Source. Everything about us through that Source, makes us natural. As human beings, as wildlife, as forests, anything that deeply, together, evolves, defines evolution for each one of us as human beings. We do not live in isolation. Every species, be that forests, wildlife, Us, we are interconnected. Looking after it, conserving it, preserving it, celebrating it, is how we will make sure that for generations a Nature that has so beautifully looked after u, and life itself, gets an opportunity to constantly re-evolve and allow co-exist in harmony with Nature.”

Speaking on the partnership and collaboration initiative, Ms Lynn de Souza, Founder, Social Access Communications said, “It was a huge privilege to be able to work on this project with WCT and to know firsthand about the tremendous changes they are making, to both humans and animals, who live in our forests, guided by a simple belief – that to save one tiger is to save 1.5 billion Indians. Hence the message is that `The Story is of All of Us,’ that in being kind to the forests we are being kind to ourselves. The team at Social Access was led by Veena Bakshi, inspired by a poem written by Harshal Shetye, and included award winning sound designer Bishwadeep Chatterjee and a host of wildlife photographers who generously gave us their footage, to which Sushmita Sen lent her unforgettable voice.”

Watch the full film:

Watch Sushmita Sen’s full video message:

The film is initiated by Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) and scripted and directed by Social Access Communication and supported by The Better India, and UFO Moviez.


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