Richard Corrigan causes mayhem in Mayfair

The farmers from Richard Corrigans, Virginia Park Lodge, have been working overnight to create an allotment running the length of the terrace at Corrigans Mayfair to support the soon to be open Dickies Bar. Two 450-litre compost bins are also said to have been left outside the upper Grosvenor Street restaurant which are intended to be part of the new Corrigans Compost Scheme, in an attempt to bring a farm to Mayfair.

It is rumored that Richard Corrigan wants to turn the Mayfair venue into a miniature Virginia Park Lodge in which the venue will be able to live off the fruit-of-the-land with the hlpe of the nutritious soil provided by the compost bins. The Corrigans team have been seen getting really stuck in, collecting handfuls of compost from the bins and planting it on the terraces for the budding produce. With the natural compost aromas sweeping through the entrance, customers will smell scents of the farm as they enter transporting them to the open countryside. The allotments were intended to grow hybrid and exotic fruit and vegetables such as a beetberry, cucanana and mangomato planned to be used in the cocktails and tonics created at Dickies bar, opening later this year. But with the council snooping the pavements of Upper Grosvenor Street this plan is now likely to be binned.

It has been reported however that the local residents have ploughed together a petition to save the allotment in dismissal of the council, raising their trowels in unity.

Corrigans is fighting to keep his reputation as the plant hunter and it is rumoured that the farm he is bringing to the community will be complete with state of the art irrigation systems. It is not clear how successful this appeal will be but Corrigans has released a statement urging anyone who feels strongly about their compost scheme, to come down to the Upper Grosvenor street restaurant and sign the petition. Anyone who feels strongly enough to fight the good fight will be offered 50% off a cocktail for their signature. The restaurant is said to be aiming to get as many signatures as possible. Grab your watering cans and get down to 28 Upper Grosvenor St now.

Embargoed until 1st April

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