Old vs New Shakers Comes to The Mule Bar

On Wednesday 10th May, The Mule Bar, hidden underneath The Holy Birds in Spitalfields, has got a new addition to their Wednesday night schedule, Old vs New Shakers. Some of the worlds greatest bartenders, from then and now, go head to head in a cocktail contest that sees The Maestro,Salvatore Calabrese and Peter Dorelli challenge Simone Caporale and Alex Kratena to a shake off.


Salvatore Calabrese, one of the worlds most highly acclaimed cocktail experts, has started a new residency at The Mule Bar. From Monday to Wednesday Salvatore will be mixing drinks from his exclusive menu of over 50 cocktails that spans his own 50-year journey within the drinks industry. For one of his residencies Salvatore has decided to turn things around and team up with Peter Dorelli, who found fame at the Savoy hotels American Bar, to produce classic cocktails from their heyday that will rival those of todays fame.


The opposition who will be creating the new cocktails will be represented by Alex Kratena. Alex is the founder of P(OUR) and former Head Bartender of Artesian, London, where he has led the bar and his team to win multiple international awards. In October 2015 Artesian was recognized as Number 1, for the fourth consecutive year, in the Worlds 50 Best Bar Awards by Drinks International. Alex has been featured in Creators list 2016 as one of the 40 most influential individuals shaping the future of the global bar industry. In November 2015, Alex left Artesian to pursue a new joint project with Simone Caporale. Simone, who will be the other new shaker for the evening, is renowned for his inventive, incredible and Willy Wonka like creations, as well as his four year stint at Artesian at The Langham.
The shake off will see the four mixing up concoctions that will be available for those cocktail lovers to taste for the first 45 minutes on the house. Marvel at some of the worlds best shakers as they go head to head at The Mule Bar, creating unbelievable flavour combinations that will make guests rethink their classic favorite.


About The Mule Bar
The Mule Bar pays homage to the swinging sixties, a truly iconic decade which saw the real birth of the cocktail party, with its décor and classic menu. The menu, that has been created exclusively by The Maestro Salvatore Calabrese for The Mule Bar, will transport guests back to this golden era, with many drinks appearing that may have fallen out of faddish fashion but still stand the test of time today. In a stylish setting that truly befits a legend, The Maestro will be hosting regular tastings and masterclasses hosted by him as well as offering guests cognacs from his own world class private collection. Guests can be guided through his dedicated negroni, manhattan or martini menus, featuring drinks that have earned him the highest order of international acclaim, as well as delving into some of the new creations he has devised exclusively for The Mule Bar.


About The Holy Birds
The Holy Birds fusion of 1960s-inspired design and dining with a thoroughly modern and relaxed atmosphere is the creation of brothers Gerry and Jon Calabrese. The Holy Birds is the latest addition to the Calabrese House family, which already includes The Hoxton Pony and Wringer + Mangle.  With style taken from 60s Danish design, Saul Bass and swinging London, resulting a truly eye-catching and individual look. With a focus on the finest organic poultry and game, creating seasonal menus. The open-plan kitchen, with its colossal oven, is an epicentre of culinary theatre and skill that adds to the truly unique venue.

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