Bunga Bunga Covent Garden presents No place Like Rome

Every Friday in August is set to be an absolute chaRIOT at Bunga Bunga Covent Garden. The unique dining experience will transport guests back to the ancient ruins of Rome for an orgiastic experience full of food, wine, gladiators, emperors and togas galore. In true Bunga Bunga style, it’s time for guests to find out what the Romans really did for us. All inhibitions will be lost as Bunga Bunga’s resident satirical comic, Joe Morose, adorned with goats legs and horns, hosts a variety of acts that range from fabulously raunchy to downright ridiculous.

As the theatre unveils and the night rolls on, guests will become a part of Rome’s magnificent history, which will be brought to life by Bunga Bunga’s band of travelling actors through a series of epic vignettes. All the Romans you know and love will be there, from gladiators and emperors to Venus, the goddess of beauty. The comedic entertainment begins by the unruly combat of the Gladiator duo, transporting the crowd to one of Rome’s most infamous and gruesome past-times. Swords are then swapped for shells as Venus, the Goddess of Beauty seduces the crowd in her famous clamshell with not only her body but her heavenly voice. Jewels are unleashed and guests will become witnesses to one of the most infamous Roman parties; the crowning of the Emperor! From one King to another it’s time to be swept to Nazareth for one hilarious night, where The Bunga Boys and Jesus steal guests hearts away.

Bunga Bunga has a three-course menu on offer, the Pizza Dal Forna at £28 and for those who want the wild rumpus to really begin, bottomless prosecco can be added for 2 hours during the meal, for those who want to really live and drink like the Romans. The menu compliments the Roman flair with a selection of antipasto including burrata, Pappa al Pomodoro and Italian cured meats, followed by stone baked metro pizza before finishing off with traditional Italian desserts. Bunga Bunga Covent Garden’s talented bar team have created an irresistible evening cocktail list of all-Italian classics, which will be served with a modern twist, as well as truly jaw-dropping signature sharing drinks, ranging from a model of The Colosseum, to a four foot high statue of ‘The David’, with a rather risqué part of his anatomy making the perfect serving tap.

The Roman stage is ready to be unveiled every Friday in August, the audience is encouraged to douse themselves in Roman togas and attire, to embark on a true theatrical experience like no other. It’s time to let loose of inhibitions as there really is no place like Rome…

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