Super Silvio Flies in to Bunga Bunga

Super Silvio, The Comeback King at Bunga Bunga Battersea


Partake in the 2018 Italian General Election in true continental style this March as Bunga Bunga Battersea hosts an unmissable viewing party of the biggest political event of the year. Battersea’s most tongue-in-cheek pizzeria and late night bar announce the launch of their election cocktail, The Super Silvio! Served in a limited edition mug resembling the ‘invincible’ Silvio Berlusconi himself, but in a way, you’ve never seen him before.

Marvel at Berlusconi’s triumphant return in his new superhero ensemble, complete with red cape, with the addition of the odd wrinkle here and there, as you sip down the fiery blend of Bombay Sapphire gin and martini fiero aperitif with lime and black peppercorn, topped with ting grapefruit soda. If Silvio Berlusconi is successful in this political campaign, he will become the Prime Minister of Italy for the fourth time in his career – beating rival candidates Matteo Renzi, Luigi Di Maio and Pietro Grasso.

Guests will also be invited to indulge in much-loved Mediterranean classics such as Garlic Pizzicato Antipasti; White Truffle and Mushroom Aranchini, served with truffle mayonnaise and Homemade Sourdough Pizza, served with nduja spicy soft sausage, calabrese salame, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. Guests can expect regular updates of the election throughout their meals as the final verdict creeps closer and closer. Rest assured that whether you’re a fan of Renzi, Di Maio, Grasso or Super Berlusconi himself, all are welcome at Bunga Bunga’s election experience.

Spread over three floors all adorned with Italian décor, guests will feel the heat of Italy as Battersea becomes but a distant memory. Located just minutes from Battersea Park, Bunga Bunga is the perfect place to dance the night away, feast on fine Italian food or sip on fine Prosecco in the Martini Prosecco Bar. Anyone wanting to brush up on some Italian politics or to simply have a fantastic night of food and drink need look no further than Bunga Bunga Battersea this March.

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