Chivas 18 Alchemy Creating an Unprecedented Mélange of Craftsmanship and Panache

Chivas, The World’s Best Blended Scotch Whisky’*, is back redefining opulence with ‘Chivas 18 Alchemy’. Collaborating with 5 connoisseurs to play host to the city’s discerning elite, the multi-sensorial experience is all set to, once again, captivate everyone with its magnificence.

Chivas Alchemy brings forth an evening crafted for the senses by five maestros, each of them revives the art of storytelling through a scintillating and unparalleled expression of craftsmanship which defies formulae.

 Ambrish Arora as the auteur of aromas will be the alchemist for the sense of smell. Gauri Khan, as the conjurer of the sensory, will be the custodian for the sense of sight. Fashion mogul Rajesh Pratap Singh, will be the master stroke of genius for the sense of touch. Rajiv Makhani, as the sound maestro, will curate an experience in the sense of sound. Chef Zorawar Kalra, as the curator of the culinary, will present the sense of taste.

Through this collaboration, the Alchemists are bringing forth modern & luxurious expressions of creativity that arouse the senses, in a tangible mélange inspired by Chivas18, a blend which rewards the senses with its 85 unique flavour notes in every drop.

Chivas 18 is a unique blend of whiskies matured for a minimum of 18 years and selected for their exceptional quality. The result is a sophisticated, luxurious Scotch whisky, with generosity in every drop.

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