Mrs and Mr Bateman at Home

Mrs and Mr Bateman, an art, fashion and interiors installation , where artists are not
bound by patron constraint and their true creative self is revealed. The Batemans will open their home in London’s Soho on Wednesday April 25 for a four-day long house warming. Created by three women bringing their own expertise from different fields, artist Selena Beaudry, vintage fashion dealer Clemmie Myers, and interior designer Natalie Tredgett have curated the space as though it’s the home of the fictitious Mrs and Mr Bateman. You are invited to enjoy their home and purchase its contents.

Located in the heart of one of London’s most original and eccentric areas, Mrs and Mr Bateman will feature a true cross-pollination of the creative fields; hosting a panel evening where creatives from different disciplines discuss their process, what inspires them, how other art forms inform their work and will also explore how social media and technology informs or confuses their creativity. There will be an immersive creative writing evening as well as a ‘Kids’ Day’ that will offer youngsters the chance to learn new skills, including hat-making sessions with milliner Jess Collett. Clemmie is creating a fancy dress box encouraging kids to explore how dressing up and experimenting with clothing makes them feel.

“Not only have we curated the show, the three of us have worked closely together
influencing each other’s individual contributions and thus we’ve created a cohesive
environment, making Bateman an immersive performative Art Piece where the guest is as consequential as the work within.’

Mrs and Mr Bateman promises to be a curious mix of artists and makers from Europe and the US chosen for their Bateman aesthetic. Included will be Barrie Benson, Jess Collett, Frederike von Cranach, Phil Goss, Iva Gueorguieva, Daniel Hernandez, Marie Jacotey, John-Paul Pietrus, James Shaw, Margit Wittig, Ian Vail and Bari Ziperstein.

Selena will be making a site-specific wall installation for the show. When describing
Selena’s work Clemmie has said ‘it makes you want to sit with it and then to absorb it, to feel the sense of movement making you a part of the process. It is a heady mix of calm and frenzy resulting in a pure sense of absolution.”

Clemmie (Lime Green Bow) will be integrating her statement and designer vintage clothing artfully within the context of the home. Pieces have been chosen to enhance and sit within the installation exploring the idea of fashion as a concept. She has also customised some of the pieces tailoring them specifically for Bateman as well as creating a boudoir where guests will be encouraged to try on and fall in love with the Bateman wardrobe. Through Clemmie’s gifted understanding of personal style she has helped bring Mrs Bateman to life.

Natalie will be igniting the interior by creating whimsical vignettes that celebrate objects as art and handmade pieces. Natalie’s attention to what’s going on outside of the home is what makes what’s going on within it feel so fresh and relevant. Her exquisite use of colour, pattern play and mix of old and new has helped seal the essence and vibe of the Bateman aesthetic. The opening party on April 25th will be a multi-sensory experience with DJ Henri, and when being a guest doesn’t always mean what you’d think…this is a housewarming you don’t want to miss.

Opening Night: Wednesday 25th April 6.30pm-8.30pm
Open to Public: 25th-28th April: 10am-6pm
Events: Panel Discussion Thursday 26th April 6.30-8.30pm
Immersive Creative Writing Friday 27th April 6.30pm-8.30pm
Kids’ Day Saturday 28th April 11am-2pm, Open to General Public: 10am-6pm

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