Luca Vallebona unveils Gravity Superyacht

Gravity. A name that recalls both the specific and the universal, the essential and the infite world of possibility. A name that reflects the constant exploration of a harmony between architectural functionality and the elegance of a clean design. 61,5 m of LOA and 11,2 m of width. The material selected are the steel for the hull and a light alloy for the superstructure.

These are the specifications of the superyacht Gravity, in which we can appreciate the typical traits of Vallebona’s latest creations. The elements are distributed asymmetrically across the decks, following the trend seen in Pentagramma and TLV62.

From the exterior we can notice the vertical bow and the clean and sleek profile.
Towards the aft the superstructure intercepts the horizontal lines of the vessel, in a diagonal that emphasizes the separation between design and architecture.Generous outdoor areas are unveiled, spaces in which the expressive language of the design is substituted by pure spatial functionality.

The absence of tall bulwarks suspends the guest in the air and enables the landscape to be part of the yacht. A homage to the baroque world in which the outer space influenced the buildings: in this case, the relationship is between the landscape and the yacht.

Moving towards the decks, the horizontal planes are combined with vertical structures, generating multi-levels decks. On the sun deck we find a raised area, near the wheelhouse, that creates an island inside of the yacht perimeter, accessible to the guest and detached from the crew’s route. From this space, looking towards the stern, the view is unobstructed and immersive. The asymmetry of the elements recalls the organic shapes of nature, and allows a seamless integration with the landscape.

The stairs connect the beach area directly to the main deck saloon.
Its shape is replicated until the sundeck. At first sight it seems to be a very regular pattern, however this external-internal element impersonates many different roles. At the top, the stairs unite with the sun deck in a asymmetrical way that originates in the below
trunk scale, fully integrated with the deck layout. On one side, the sun deck is pulling back, giving the stairs a strong architectural identity and allowing an unusual connection between the two decks. Removing the symmetrical constrain, the sun deck and the upper deck are now an unicum.

The dualism between vertical and horizontal lines plays an important role also in the interior.
The entrance to the upper deck saloon is highlighted by a transversal open gap from which the
lower deck saloon can be seen. Two small boardwalk connect the upper deck saloon to the main stairs. In this empty space, the light enters through a series of vertical wooden sunshades that run from the main decks up to the ceiling of the upper deck. The archetypal horizontal lines of the yacht and the structural function of the deck are challenged by the empty space and the vertical direction imposed by the wooden elements. The spacious galley has a large full-height window on one side, which allows guests to enjoy the vision of the meal preparation.

The project is at a very advanced stage, as shown by the general arrangement.
The brief required the ideation of a yacht capable to freely reinterpreting the interal and external space, going beyond the consolidated industry standards. A further requirement was the maximum privacy of the owner’s cabin and the separation of the crew path. From the GA it is possible to see that there is no crew path around the owner cabin. Only the hatch on the bow side allows the crew to access this private area. The mooring area is below the helipad and the bow pool, the perfect spot to immerse yourself into the landscape. The saloon and the crew areas, on main and upper deck ,enclose the stairs in a baricentric position,
giving privacy to the night areas of the decks. The pantries and galley can be part of the guest area or being completely isolated thanks to a series of sliding doors. The crew area and the crew mess are on the main deck, forward. From here, two side doors make it possible to reach the yacht’s bow.

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