Transform Your Gut Health With Kurami

Kurami is a brand new and entirely unique premium food & drink delivery service. Expertly curated with its mission to improve gut health and overall well-being in mind, Kurami’s eclectic menus fuse ancient ingredients and ground-breaking superfoods, with tailored programmes designed to elevate customers’ health by harnessing the medicinal power of food. Kurami’s central goal is to improve gut health, while also honing in on specific, widely encountered health challenges such as inflammation and weight gain, addressing and alleviating these issues with a delicious and distinctive culinary reset.

An industry leader at the forefront of international food trends and best in class nutrition, each and every Kurami meal is comprised of a wide range of micro-nutrients, designed by nutritionists and created daily in the Kurami kitchen. Founded by anthropology of food graduate, Camilla Pigozzi Garofalo, Kurami offers food designed for life, created to support individuals’ journeys to full-bodied health and wellness.

The Kurami range is seasonally focused and sustainably sourced, as pleasing to the palate as it is cleansing for the body and featuring dishes including teff and quinoa protein pancakes with berry compote for breakfast, collagen broth and brown rice noodles with kale and sea trout at lunch and an evening meal of rainbow slaw and turkey meatballs. Kurami’s signature detox drinks, Moon Mylks, are a delicious, velvety blend of anti-inflammatory botanicals and spices, perfect for a morning pick me up, a nighttime wind down, or on the go during a busy day, with snacks including almond and peanut truffles.

Uncompromising on satisfaction and heavily focused on both flavour and the quality of ingredients used, all Kurami meals are prepared by in-house chef Giorgio Mazzola, with nutritional excellence at the heart of every dish. Kurami’s meal paths are engineered as a three or five day reset, giving customers’ internal systems an opportunity to re-charge and re-balance. Plans prescribe three meals each day and incorporate snacks, drinks, and moon mylks, iced teas, and snacks can also be purchased individually. Each Kurami dish is formulated to achieve an alchemical effect, with two different pathways to choose from targeting either inflammation or formulated for calorie balance. All Kurami meals are made without any ingredients or additives that contain gluten and dairy.

Georgine Leung, Kurami’s in-house nutritionist says: “A healthy gut is made up of a diverse group of microorganisms – which a happy balance of keeps inflammation at bay. It has shown to link to the condition of the skin too. Nourishing your gut means keeping your skin healthy.”
The Kurami meal plans cost £41.50 per day for a one-off meal plan, and £39.50 per day for subscriptions. Meal plans can be selected and scheduled online to be delivered to your home or office, by subscription or individually.

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