Private Residence at Peddar Road by Jannat Vasi Featuring Scarlet Splendour


Mumbai based interior designer Jannat Vasi has collaborated with Scarlet Splendour to feature a selection of the brand’s products in her recent stunning home design project. Situated in the affluent Peddar Road suburb of Mumbai, the exceptional 8500 sq ft home is owned by a mills owner and features 7 bedrooms, bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes, alongside an entertainment area with a gym and garage.

The design brief was to create unique, colourful and bright spaces that reflected the personality of the young owners, as well as fitting their needs. Jannat Vasi, alongside stylist Samir Wadekar, sought to shake up the traditional appearance of Indian luxury residential spaces with a high impact and eccentric yet coherent interior.
With these design goals in mind, Jannat Vasi chose to use Scarlet Splendour’s one of a kind products for their unparalleled quality, innovation and for how the beautiful colour palettes and fine details of the pieces complement her own design aesthetics.

Present throughout the house, Scarlet Splendour’s luxe statement pieces are the perfect fit for this bespoke project and their eclectic designs, each with its own unique story, are a captivating contribution to this pop art style home. For Jannat Vasi, ‘the journey to realising the final result has been absolutely fulfilling’ and she has greatly valued the use of Scarlet Splendour products.


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